Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Deepen your personal practice, broaden your knowledge and skills, serve both Self and community. Take the next step on your path and become a Teacher.

The Aquarian Teacher™ is a comprehensive, experiential program offering progressive levels of certification.

Yogi Bhajan equated the 3 levels of KRI approved training to a BA, an MA and a Phd. The 3 levels are:

1. Level One Instructor: Foundations

Once you complete this level and receive your certificate you can start teaching.

2. Level Two Practitioner: Transformation

There are 5 modules each six days long and to be taken individually.  It is suggested that they are taken over at least 2 to 3 years.

3. Level Three Practitioner: Realisation

A 1000-day commitment to the process of Realisation through engagement with spiritual community, deep meditation and service.

Specialty training is also available including:

21 Stages of Meditation

Yoga Therapy Training

Gong Training

Conscious Pregnancy Teacher Training

Children’s Yoga Training


Level 1, 2 and 3 Training is certified by the Kundalini Research Institute.

Teacher Training Manuals

KYTANZ Trainers and Certified Teachers can provide students access to digital copies of the KRI Aquarian Teacher Training Digital eBook Manuals via the Vital Source Bookshelf Platform. Access codes to the platform can be purchased via this website and are only sold to Trainers or previously Certified Teachers.

It is as easy as purchasing the required number of codes to cater for each of your students at your next training. The codes can be passed on to the students and once the student sets up an account on the Vital Source Bookshelf Platform they can use the code to access their training material.

KYTANZ Trainers will also be provided with digital instructions on “How to get started with Vital Source Bookshelf” after purchase. The instructions can also be passed on to the students.

Purchase Options

Aquarian Teacher Level 1 – 2 Digital eBooks (sold separately)

Aquarian Teacher Level 2 – 1 Digital eBook Manual for each of the following Trainings:

  • Digital eBook – Conscious Communication
  • Digital eBook – Mind and Meditation
  • Digital eBook – Authentic Relationships
  • Digital eBook – Life Cycles and Life Styles
  • Digital eBook – Vitality and Stress

Login to your KYTANZ online Account and click on “KYTANZ Shop” to view the products page.

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Is your Teacher Certified?

Is your Kundalini Yoga Teacher / or Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training certified by KRI?

Teaching Kundalini Yoga is more than just a profession. It’s a way of life.

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