Our Guiding Principles

We are guided by Yogi Bhajan’s Eight Elements of Excellence

The Vision – to see your goal and keep it in your consciousness

The Courage – to attempt it and to keep up

The Grit – to go through it

The Humility – to know who the Doer is

The Knowledge – to substantiate it

The Prayer – to feed it

The Grace – to carry yourself through it

The Determination – to achieve it

– Yogi Bhajan

Our Vision

To unite our community as one and uplift ourselves, our family, friends and wider community to live and breath in a new way, from our heart and souls.

Our Mission

To be a supporting body that guides and assists in the spiritual and professional development of our members and our community. 

Our focus is to build a strong and positive community that will share the teachings given by Yogi Bhajan with integrity and grace. To that effect we aim to spread the news about Kundalini Yoga and share information from all KRI approved teaching teams and Kundalini Yoga Events.

In this way we see each and every one of our members as a fundamental unique and cherished part of the whole.

We are actively involved in promoting and sharing Kundalini Yoga teachings with the broader community and we support key events that provide an opportunity for as many people as possible to attend, to be immersed and expand their consciousness through these amazing teachings.

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Aus & NZ - Kytanz

1 month 1 week ago

RECOGNISE THE OTHER IS YOU! TYALGUM RIDGE RETREAT 24th - 27th October 2024 In the Kundalini tradition we believe to live in true harmony, you

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Aus & NZ - Kytanz

1 month 2 weeks ago

Sunia …….

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Aus & NZ - Kytanz Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Aus & NZ - Kytanz is in Victoria.

2 years 2 weeks ago

KYTANZ MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS The feedback has been over the many years of KYTANZ: 'what is the point' of becoming a member of KYTANZ? What benefits

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Aus & NZ - Kytanz

2 years 1 month ago

Sat nam, With a lot of enquiries lately in regards to qualifications and people misrepresenting themselves and the teachings of KRI, so we thought we

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Teaching Kundalini Yoga is more than just a profession. It’s a way of life.

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