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Sharon Anderson
Phone 0437 100 332
Spiritual Name Bani Raj
Preferred Teacher Name Bani Raj
Suburb/Town Erakala Mackay
State/Province Queensland
Country Australia
Class/Workshop Location/s Goose Ponds Park
My name is Bani Raj I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I have been teaching for 4 years now in my home. I have continued to study completing one level 2 Conscious Communication module and also 21 Stages of Meditation. My mission is to Elevate all I come into contact with through the classes I do, teaching breathing techniques, mantra and Kriyas from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. My Classes at present are Thursdays at 5.30pm. If you phone me first I will let you know.
Nicola Bamford
Phone 0419 797 099
Spiritual Name Priya Angad
Preferred Teacher Name Priya Angad
Suburb/Town Oakenden
State/Province Queensland
Country Australia
Class/Workshop Location/s Mackay
Heidi Bone
Phone 0431 094 483
Spiritual Name Siri Shakti Kaur
Preferred Teacher Name Heidi
Suburb/Town Girards Hill
State/Province New South Wales
Country Australia
Class/Workshop Location/s Lismore NSW
Siri Shakti stumbled into Kundalini Yoga class in 2009 when she turned up for a Hatha Yoga class that turned out to be Kundalini. In 2012 she completed her level 1 teacher training and has been teaching regular Kundalini Yoga classes in Lismore NSW since 2013. Since then she has continued her studies in Kundalini Yoga, completing level 2 teacher modules and, since 2016, has focused her learning on Kundalini Yoga Therapy.

In 2018 Siri Shakti undertook Gong Master training with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and has undertaken further training in sound healing with leading Australian gong and sound healing master Randeep Kaur and the internationally accredited Sound Healing Academy. She now specialises in Kundalini Yoga Therapy and Sound Healing for mental/emotional wellbeing.

Siri Shakti Yoga Sound offers regular and therapeutic Kundalini Yoga classes and courses, a twice monthly Deep Sound Journey, individual therapeutic yoga and sound sessions and a free monthly community Sadhana on the last Sunday of the month. Classes and community Sadhana are held live in the Mandala Garden Studio, Lismore NSW and online.

Siri Shakti is also an accomplished musician and leads a local kirtan to celebrate Solstices and Equinoxes across the year. She was a featured musician at the 2017 and 2019 Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia and hosted the musicians for the 2020 Online Kundalini Yoga Festival.

Bridget Byrne
Phone 0428 235 142
Spiritual Name Jaap Savitri Kaur
Preferred Teacher Name Bridget Byrne
Suburb/Town Nichols Point
State/Province Victoria
Country Australia
Class/Workshop Location/s Mildura
I was fortunate to first practice Kundalini Yoga about 20 years ago. After a year of daily practice in 2018, I attained my Level 1 Instructor Certificate under my teacher Balwant Kaur, in 2019. I am a school teacher. I feel fortunate to be able to learn and share ways of giving our bodies what they need on every level, for greater health and happiness.
Brayley Clarke
Phone 0448 005 698
Spiritual Name Satsukh Kaur
Preferred Teacher Name Satsukh Kaur/ Brayley
Suburb/Town Palmerston
State/Province Northern Territory
Country Australia
Class/Workshop Location/s Palmerston or Larrakeyah
Satsukh Kaur/ Brayley has been a teacher for 14 years she teachers classes, short courses and workshops in Palmerston and Darwin. Her passion is helping people particularly women overcome relationship trauma and self sabotage. She helps them build self belief, confidence and authencity for happy healthy, realtionships and living the life that is aligned to their truth.
Jean-Michel David
Phone 0490 770 061
Spiritual Name Prakash Seva Singh
Preferred Teacher Name Prakash Seva
Suburb/Town Dunsborough
State/Province Western Australia
Country Australia
Class/Workshop Location/s Yallingup, Margaret River (WA)
Kundalini Yoga brings together essential elements of yoga as well as its important transcendent qualities.

I come from a family of yoga teachers teaching in various traditions - I believe that each individual needs to find the format that best suits them at the period of life they are in. At times, the say form will simply and wonderfully deepen, and for others, a change of style will bring the depth and transforming qualities to new heights.

Kundalini Yoga can certainly do this to a wonderful extent.

Kirrily Fair
Phone 0423 011 200
Spiritual Name Mahan Atma Kaur
Preferred Teacher Name Kirrily / Mahan Atma
Suburb/Town North Tamborine
State/Province Queensland
Country Australia
Class/Workshop Location/s Tamborine Mountain
Completed Level 1 & Level 2 program and Foundations in Yoga Therapy
Paul Fry
Phone 0405 089 529
Spiritual Name Siri Daya Singh
Preferred Teacher Name Paul
Suburb/Town Frankston
State/Province Victoria
Country Australia
Class/Workshop Location/s Seaford
Paul (Siri Daya Singh) runs Kundalini Yoga classes in and around the Frankston area and collaborates with other teachers to run yoga events in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

With a special interest in using the gong in Kundalini Yoga, Paul has undertaken a number of gong training courses, including advanced training with the internationally recognised Gong Master, Mehtab Benton. He has successfully completed the Master Gong Practitioner Certification Course.

Together with his partner, Siri Daya Kaur, he also enjoys bringing live music to the yoga community. For the Siri Dayas, there’s nothing better than joining with old friends and new for a kirtan event. It’s akin to joining an uplifting, impromptu choir. The Siri Dayas bring a light-hearted and relaxed approach, combined with a deep reverence and respect for the mantras.

Depending on the setting and where their nomadic friends happen to be, the standard line up of two voices with guitars and harmonium is sometimes enhanced by a tabla player, violinist or guest singer.

Paul is also a member of the 5 Rivers kirtan band.

Rae Garvie
Phone 0411 656 887
Spiritual Name Jai Gopal Kaur
Preferred Teacher Name Jai Gopal Kaur (Rae)
Suburb/Town East Brisbane
State/Province Queensland
Country Australia
Class/Workshop Location/s East Brisbane
Kundalini Yoga has been part of my daily life since 2002, I love the teachings and can't imagine life without it. It has heightened my awareness of the many facets of our lives and given me an inner peace to treasure. I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Sat Nam Rasayan Level 1 Healer.

Sat Nam

Teresa Goldsbrough
Phone +612407312213
Spiritual Name Kamal Dev Kaur
Preferred Teacher Name Teresa
Suburb/Town Croydon
State/Province Victoria
Country Australia
Class/Workshop Location/s nil

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