Sat Nam

We are the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association of Australia & New Zealand. Welcome to our spiritual family.

About Us

Our intention is to truly embody the values of the Age of Aquarius, guided by openness, kindness, transparency and the consciousness that we are all One. 

We are committed to serving our community so that together we can be the “Lighthouse” serving and elevating each other, our community and the world.

Our Vision

To unite our community as one and uplift ourselves, our family, friends and wider community to live and breath in a new way, from our heart and souls.

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Find classes and events offered by our wonderful Kundalini Teacher Members throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Become a Teacher

Deepen your personal practice, broaden your knowledge and skills, serve both Self and Community. Take the next step on your path and become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Is your Teacher Certified?

Is your Kundalini Yoga Teacher / or Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training certified by KRI?

Teaching Kundalini Yoga is more than just a profession. It’s a way of life.

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