Karam Kriya

“See don’t seek.” Shiv Charan Singh

When the mind that blinds itself in seeking instead just sees what is, this is the beginning of peace.

Karam Kriya Applied Numerology is the meditative study of numbers as universal intelligence’s. It is the study of numbers through life and life through numbers. Numbers are given. They are innate principles of utter integrity. The mind, when applied to these principles, becomes more transparent and the personal individual comes into a more conscious and intimate alignment with the universal collective.

Karam Kriya International School, which also offers KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training worldwide, is founded and directed by Shiv Charan Singh.


Karam Kriya Non Residential Retreats 2020

In 2020 Karam Kriya is offering 2 non residential retreats in Melbourne

March 7-9  ‘Personal Impersonal’ with Jai Inder Kaur

Karam Kriya is the intuitive and contemplative study of Numbers as essential and universal principles. They reveal the underlying harmony of creation and intimate connection between self and universe. In their absolute integrity and precision can be used as a diagnostic tool of enormous flexibility and sensitivity.

During the course we will study the numbers through the personal (1234) and impersonal (9678) and also the threshold (5) that connects them. Here participants will be able to step deeper into the study of Karam Kriya and create a foundation to attend the Karam Kriya retreat with Shiv Charan Singh in November.

This is a non-residential retreat in Melbourne.  Venue and Investment TBC

November 20-22  ‘Leap of Faith’ with Shiv Charan Singh

The hook of grace is there to meet anyone who takes the risk to cross the threshold.

This 3 day retreat with Shiv Charan Singh will explore how to build a relationship of faith and trust to the absolute unknown with intuitively guided understanding and responsibility. ‘Through the guidance of the inherent wisdom of numbers we can ‘learn to take responsibility to what we are truly responsible for and equally let go of any attempt to control arenas where we are helpless and dependant on the great unknown. We must be responsible in how we meet this because if we let the fear of the unknown freeze us we opt for the choice of default where we surrender to convention and the social norm as our crutch and master. ’ Shiv Charan Singh

This is a non-residential retreat in Melbourne.  Venue and Investment TBC

Contact  Jai Inder Kaur – +61 (0) 467 557 345

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