Children’s Yoga Training Courses

Radiant Child Yoga Training

About the course

Radiant Child® Yoga (RCY) is a comprehensive 30 hour training program designed for anyone who is interested in teaching children yoga. Developed in 1998 by founder, Shakta Khalsa, Radiant Child Yoga was one of the first children’s yoga trainings available in the world. Radiant Child Yoga holds the vision of creating a world of peace through the union of yoga and children. RCY participants include yoga teachers of all traditions, schoolteachers, pediatric therapists, parents and grandparents. Previous yoga experience is helpful although not required. Participants gain a wide variety of practical yoga tools and tips, and have fun playing at being a child again.

General Information

  • 30 hour weekend training, generally Friday through Sunday
  • 27 in class hours, 3 at-home practicum, total: 30
  • Certificate of completion given after at-home practice
  • All levels of yoga experience accepted: Novice through experienced
  • Approximately 50% discussion/lecture, 50% practice/experience
  • Course has been recognized for CECs with public schools, therapy organizations, and Yoga Alliance.

Course description

Levels 1-2:

  • Guidelines for teaching children of all ages from babies to teens
  • Yoga songs and games that children love
  • Practical tips for keeping the class focused and engaged
  • Breathing practices/meditation with children
  • Using yoga sets with children
  • Keeping yourself centered when working with children
  • Powerful yoga and meditation just for you as the teacher
  • Time to collaborate with others to create a unique yoga presentation based on what you’ve learned in the course.
  • Practical tools for any situation that arises when working with children
  • Setting up children’s yoga business/classes
  • Yoga for ADD, Autism, SPD
  • Adapting yoga for schools

Level 3:

  • Practice conscious communication skills, such as Deep Listening and Engaging Cooperation
  • Yoga for yourself and your children
  • Yogic teachings about children, including the four phases of a child’s life
  • The development of the child’s energy field and chakra systems
  • Meditation practice to become fully present to yourself and your children.
  • Processes to align with your vision for your life work

RCYP is yoga teacher training at its best. RCYP qualifies as credit hours for RYT certification through Yoga Alliance. A certificate is given upon completion.


SunChild Teacher Training

About the course

Kundalini Yoga has been given to us by a great master, Yogi Bhajan, and encompasses all aspects of life. It helps children to get to know themselves and their body in a joyful and playful way. It balances their emotions and helps to reduce anxiety and aggression. It has been proven by research that yoga increases flexibility, concentration and well-being. Furthermore it improves social behavior as it makes children more loving, self conscious and calm. Reinforcing their personality and nervous system.

Kundalini Yoga prepares children to face challenges and negative aspects of life with a positive approach and with tools that work. Course material is included in the price and comprises a manual and copies of sets, meditations, mantras and songs for children.

For more information, visit the visit the Sunchild website


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