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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Aus & NZ - Kytanz

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Aus & NZ - Kytanz

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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Aus & NZ - Kytanz Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association Aus & NZ - Kytanz is in Victoria, Australia.

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KYTANZ MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS The feedback has been over the many years of


14 May 2022


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath Workshop

ake time for yourself, to find your inner peace and calm with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation and Sound Bath.
In a world of doing, Yoga Nidra takes you to a place of non-doing, a place that might be as foreign as traveling to a distant country. In this state of rest, healing is taking place at the optimal level for our physical, energetic, mental, and emotional bodies.
The Gong will have you bathe in the healing power of the sounds and an even deeper level of relaxation through vibrations.
This practice, along with the sound, brings us back to our original state of being, a place where we can enter again and again, and come home to ourselves.
Join Jenny for the upcoming 2 hour Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath journey to experience live changes in your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.
Maximum 10 – advance reservation is required.
Workshop held at Bloom Yoga & Wellness Studio 4/409 Beaudesert Rd, Moorooka QLD.
Free parking right in front of the building (on-street parking).
Bring your own mat, blanket and cushion. Also bring along some water.

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