Excerpts from a lecture given on December 29, 2002 in Espanola, NM

In the presence of this life, one day—like an ocean—has waves sometimes forty feet high and sometimes they are little waves. It is a continuous process. Similarly, our waves as humans move in the excellence of our spirit.

There are some people who cannot speak truth, are not open, are not straightforward. They are as closed as their books are, as closed as their mind is. Man is a social animal but some people don’t know what social is. We do not or cannot or will not live with each other, because normally we say our chemistry doesn’t exist; our things do not tally. Understand that in the infinite sense of existence, we have to exist with each other, no matter what. There is no love lost between two people if they forget and forgive and be kind and compassionate and caring. This will give them health, wealth and happiness.

Our every act counts, our every word matters. The day we have lost will never come back. If we rise for tomorrow, make ourselves valuable, help others, serve others, talk to others, open people’s minds and hearts, share their dreams, and serve them in one way or the other as we can—that will be very pleasant to everybody’s soul.

Every day is a day of challenge: how much good have I done today, how kind was I, how many people did I inspire, how many people did I bring to laughter, how many people did I satisfy that they felt to live again?

These things matter in life. They are what life is—they are the reality and they are the religion and they are the person and personality for which we are human. If the aura squeezes and becomes small, then you will always talk about money; you will always talk about business and how to get richer and richer—then what? But you can always be good to an unlimited degree. You can do some good with your existence. You can be kind and compassionate.

We are honored that we are here, soon we will be ending the year. Mostly, there is good news: everybody’s family is prosperous and intact, everybody is greeting Happy New Year to everybody. And this all makes us human. Greetings are very valuable, meeting people is very valuable, shaking hands and hugging them with the heart is very valuable and this costs nothing but your ego.

Some people think if they are not secretive, they are going to lose everything. They are not going to lose anything. God will give to those who are open-minded and open-hearted. Let God come in and prosperity come in. Let God always bless you. At the end of the year we meet here with greetings, with smiles, with warmth, and we invite people to eat at the same table so we can celebrate and thank each other for our existence.

I hope that next year all the years you will remember this: that you are born to be social, manner-ful, and have character; and you will also teach your children manners, values and character. This is what we are for.

We are fortunate that we are children apart on which there is no restriction. It opens us to the heavens, to the earth, to the people and to everyone with grace. May I congratulate you for completing a year in goodness and please keep on doing the same for next year and next year and next. God be with you and you may succeed to be healthy, happy and holy. Be pure and permanently courageous and brave to help.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

These excerpts are taken from a lecture found at the Yogi Bhajan Libray of Teachings.

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